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  2. Nice Award from Ratebeer for Top Retailers in the World 2016, also won in 2015, 2014 and 2013. Cheers

  3. Nice little article on the build up for The Great British Pub Awards from The Morning Advertiser finger crossed.

  4. Featured in The Guardian’s “Top 10 Brew Pubs in Europe” article from last year.

  5. Nice review from Kathryn Hall from Sheffield Culture Guide with some cracking photos.

  6. mick and val says:

    called 28/6/14 after walking 5 weirs had our dog with us felt very welcome my wife does not drink beer after a recommendation had a beer which she enjoyed hope to call again

  7. Keith Hornsby says:

    Called in with my wife yesterday for a couple of halves before catching train home. Great range of beers and difficult choice yesterday of what to have? Different to the bar we normally go in for lunch where we ended up drinking Estrella! Keep up the superb choices!

  8. Very small and precise review from Feast and Glory: There’s not a lot to say about this place, apart from… it’s in the train station and it sells a shit load of good beer. Perfect for a pre/post train ride beverage.

  9. Marc says:

    My first visit to ‘The Tap’ was a complete accident. I missed my train to Chesterfield, so my friend suggested we drop in for a swift pint… and as accidents go, it was a pretty good one. I now frequently ‘miss’ my train just to drop in for a jar or two.

    The quiet elegance of the building, the relaxed atmosphere, the enthusiastic staff and the incredible selection of beers all combine to make this one of the best watering holes I have ever visited.

    As for the beers, they are literally an assault on the senses. If you’re only accustomed to drinking mass-produced swill, you have a surprise coming! The aromas hit you the second you walk through the door and the flavours linger on your taste buds for hours after. This is not a place to drink for the sake of getting drunk… this is a place to truly appreciate the mastery of the brewers art!

    The other great selling point of the Tap are the people, on both sides of the bar. A warm welcome is guaranteed to all, the staff are informal but courteous and if you are overwhelmed by the choice on offer, they are always happy to help you choose your perfect tipple. I have also found my fellow drinkers to be a fascinating bunch and, despite usually visiting alone, it is never long before I have struck up a conversation with someone (usually discussing the beer).

    All in all, the Sheffield Tap is a truly unique place to drink. Even at it’s busiest, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a place where the pace of life is slower and you can just unwind and enjoy the moment, whether on your own or with friends.

    Marks out of 10? OFF THE SCALE!!!

  10. Sean Sweeney says:

    What a fantastic place. Liz and the team offer customer service that is second to none. A great place to waste an hour or 8! The selection of beers is phenomenal and extremely high class, No Fosters or John Smiths here!

  11. Stephen says:

    Thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Wonderful refurbishment, wonderful beers

  12. Andy W says:

    Stopped in last night on recommendation of daughter – student in Sheffield – before train back to Liverpool. Fantastic. Kirkstall Black Band Porter and Th Hop Studio – delicious, smooth, refreshing, …
    Pity is that had to get the train. Will be back. Thank you daughter for the recommendation!

  13. Lorri says:

    I’ve lived in Sheffield on and off for 35 years and last night was my first visit to Sheffield Tap!! I don’t even know the name of the beer I tried but it was amazing, as were the ones my friend had and I sampled. I will definitely be back to try more. Great place! 🙂

  14. Mike says:

    Had seen this pub many times whilst on the train and it always looked inviting so when I knew I had to get my train from Sheffield, wanted to pay it a visit to see what it was like inside. The bar with it’s traditional looks are superb and the choice of hand pulled ales + bottled beers is truely amazing, the friendly and very knowledgeable staff are a credit to this very unique pub. A delight of a place and shame I only had time for a pint of Brother Rabbit but I hope to return very soon for a fee more!!

  15. Yella Budgie says:

    Probably one of the best pubs on the planet! On the itinerary for Man Utd vs Norwich 2/3/13 – after (and possibly before) Hillsborough Hotel after the match.
    We’ve been here before – and will be again!!!

  16. First Class Dining room conversion. Thanks to The Sheffield Star.6th December.

  17. Ale by Rail is the ticket. One of our long distance fans.

  18. pttinlove says:

    Hope to call in again on Saturday. Good too that you serve beer from Weihenstephan

  19. Hugh Stephens says:

    Superb pint of Thornbridge Jaipur. very friendly service. well worth a visit again.

  20. One of our first ever reviews from a top beer writer Pete Brown. Hand drier issue now resolved.
    Sheffield gets a new fantastic pub

  21. Pub of month courtsey of Inside Beer. Sept 2011. Cheers Fellas.
    Gateway to beer exploration

  22. Interview with a former manager (now helps bringing, us the rare beers you all love so much). and a picture of some beery types. Courtsey of beer reviews.
    Wish it was closer to home

  23. Kind words from Pub Dog on Fancy a pint? 1st Sept 2011.
    Obsessive range of excellent beer.

  24. The reluctant scooper makes us one of his Pubs to Love. Check out the great poem by Carl Purkins at the bottom as well.

  25. Courtesy of Pete @ Whats the pint? from jan 19th.
    Beery goodness awaiting you.

  26. Some great photos and words from Travels with Beer.June 25th 2012
    Incredibly popular “world beer free house”

  27. Article from a travelling fan courtesy of Leeds confidential. April 13th 2011
    Resist the temptation to go off the rails

  28. Nice review about one of our meet the brewer evenings. Courtsey of Real Ale reviews
    Exposed at Thornbridge

  29. Article from the Yorkshire Pub Guide courtesy of Sheffield Telegraph 14th May
    Picture of elegance on Platform 1b

  30. Nice review about the Sheffield drinking scene from August 20th courtesy of The Grumpy Traveller.
    Is Sheffield Britain’s beer capital?

  31. Bill Braham says:

    What a find! Unparalleled range of beer, good atmosphere, classic decor. I wonder if heaven is as good as this?

  32. Rob Doyle says:

    This is my favourite pub in the world. This is not an exaggeration!

    Whenever booking train travel, I try and go through Sheffield, preferably with enough time in between changes for a couple of beers!

  33. RICK DYSON says:

    Visited here on Sat 17th March, fantastic selection of beers and a really good atmosphere, the only problem is you don’t want to leave.
    Make sure you visit this place the next time you are in Sheffield, I know I will.

  34. Martin says:

    Lovely pub, and a great place to drown sorrows or celebrate after the pilgrimage to Hillsborough from Cambridge. Hope to call in again on Saturday. Good too that you serve beer from Weihenstephan — the world’s oldest brewery. You are the home of beer in the home of football. Cheers!

  35. Fabulous pub and very conviently situated at the end of some of our walks. Some of us find it very difficult to leave once were in 🙂
    We use the venue for get togethers and its friendly,warm atmosphere entices us along with the HUGE selection of beers. Great meeting place, a real hidden gem!

  36. Lemonie says:

    This was an absolutely super spot for a nice pint on that unseasonably hot weekend at the beginning of October.
    (Do it, but you’ve got to walk right out of the station and around the corner).

  37. Michala (& Harrison) says:

    I found this fantastic place by mistake whilst waiting for my boyfriends train to get in a couple of days after christmas, He’d been delayed a few minutes and as it was cold i decided to go in for a quick warm and a beer…. WOW!!!I didn’t know where to begin, I knew my boyfriend was going to be equally as excited as i was when he arrived a few moments later and my quick drink turned into us trying several of the many many beers available, we loved it so much we’ve been telling everyone about it and we are heading back there this weekend, I can’t wait for the banana beer again. mmmmmm

  38. Chris says:

    This place is one in a million, so many great beers, great staff and a great atmosphere. Think the 2 pint Cartons to takeaway are a great idea! Keep up the good work!

  39. carl says:

    made my first visit to the tap 27/11/10 and was amazed at how the place looked.friendly punters and helpfull staff and the ale was very well kept! cant wait for my next visit to sheffield and in particular the sheffield tap.

  40. Fantastic, friendly, approachable pub.

    More ales than you can shake a stick at (not that you’d want to with all that choice, that would impact on drinking time)

    Rare to find a good pub with so much choice, no music blasting out, ideal for a good ol’ pint and conversation.

    Or that quick one before getting on the train.

  41. Boris says:

    Very good pub!

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