Yorkshire Wine School tasting evenings 2016


We’re not just about the beer here at The Sheffield Tap and have the utmost respect for all types of quality beverages available throughout the market so in 2016 we will be holding numerous wine tasting events hosted by the Yorkshire Wine School, which is an independent wine education company offering wine tasting for everyone at all levels.

Wednesday 20th January and Tuesday 22nd March will be an Introduction to Wine Evening
If you want to get a taste of what they offer at Yorkshire Wine School in just one evening then join us for an introductory look at the wonderfully diverse and quirky world of wine. It might even start you on a journey of vinious discovery! If you know what you like, but want to understand why – then this evening is for you. We will taste at least six wines from around the world and provide many pointers which will enhance your appreciation of wine.
By the end of the evening you will have learnt:
• How to taste wine like a professional
• How to identify aromas and flavours in wine
• About the influence of climate and weather on wine
• How different components such as acidity and alcohol form the building blocks of wine
• What influence oak and other wine-making techniques have on the wine in your glass
• About the principles of food and wine matching
• How to choose wine with confidence: we discuss how to interpret wine labels
All tastings include; minimum of 6 wines sourced locally so you can find them easily if you like them, full tasting notes, tasting sheet, use of professional tastings glasses and nibbles.
This tasting is perfect for people who are new to wine tasting and just want to learn more in a relaxed environment.



Tuesday 23rd February will be Warming Reds for Winter

The perfect evening for all yred-wine-1ou red wine fans
This evening we will be concentrating on big, ripe, rich, soft and spicy reds which are packed full of juicy fruit flavours. Come along to taste beautifully chocolatey Argentinian Malbec, robust Chinati Classico and peppery Australian Shiraz amongst others. We will also be looking at how to bring the best out of your red wines with a short, practical guide on what foods will compliment these full bodied wines. A great course for anyone who wants a simple, enjoyable introductory look at these lovely winter warmers.
The evening includes:
• At least 6 delicious red wines
• Tutored Tasting class by a qualified Wine Tutor
• Use of professional ISO tasting glasses
• Full tasting notes
• Presentation on ‘Beginners Guide to Red Wine and Food Matching’
• Small plates of meats and cheese to enjoy with the wines



Sparkling_Wine_banner_1180_347Tuesday 5th April will be a Spring Sparkling Wine and Champagne Evening
A night to celebrate and indulge in all things beautiful and bubbly!
We all enjoy a glass of fizz to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, weddings or just the fact that spring is here! Tonight we will give you the chance to taste six beautiful sparkling wines and compare them side by side…. Will you be able to tell the difference?
The world of sparkling wines is getting bigger all the time- from fruity, fun Italian Prosecco to rich biscuity Champagne there is a big range of styles and prices to select from. But how are they different? Is one better value than the others and which one do you like best?
Included in this evenings tasting is the chance to try
• Prosecco
• English Sparkling Wine
• Champagne NV
• Vintage Champagne
• Premium Cava
• New World Champagne Look-A-Like
We will teach you about how these wines are made, and most importantly how the different wine-making techniques are the key to the different flavours in the wine. We will talk about the best food matches to bring out the taste of these different fizzes including some smoked salmon canapes to taste on the night.
We all know Champagne is the king of sparkling wine, but would you like to taste a normal NV Champagne next to a premium Vintage Champagne and learn what the difference is? Would you like to hear a little bit about the history of this great wine; the story of people like Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot and Lily Bollinger have been responsible for crafting the wine that we know and love today? Not only will you taste delicious Champagne tonight, you’ll learn a little bit about why it is so special.
But that’s not all! Discover the best Champagne look-a-likes in the world; English sparkling wine, made in exactly the same way as Champagne, we have one of the best sparkling wines right here on our doorstep. You may have heard a little of the fuss surrounding our own fizz but have you had a chance to taste it yet?
All our evening tastings include: 6 beautiful sparkling wines and Champagnes to try, use of professional tasting glasses, presentation on how the wines are made and how to taste them ‘like a professional’, tasting notes for you to take home, tips and hints about where to shop locally for your sparkling wines, nibbles on the evening to match the wines.

From Tuesday 19th April until Tuesday 7th June will be an 8 week Wonderful World of Wine Course
Join us on a 2 month jaunt across the globe as we visit a variety of wine-making countries, tasting everything from Chianti Classico to Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc as we go. If you want an in-depth, yet broad-based, introduction to the Wonderful World of Wine then this is the course for you!

By the end of the 8 Evening’s:
• You will have gained a good understanding of the world’s major grape varieties and the wine styles they produce.
• You will have been taught to assess, & taste wine like a true professional, and be able to identify any faults found in wine (e.g. a corked wine).
• During the 8 Evenings we will have tasted wines from most of the world’s major wine regions (Tasting approx. 50 wines)
• Food & wine matching will also have given you a lot of confidence to try new wine pairings with your favourite foods.
• You will also have developed your sense of smell and wine vocabulary.
Professional ISO tasting glasses, comprehensive tasting notes and some nibbles to help compare food groups with wine are provided

This course runs on 8 consectutive Tuesdays commencing with France (Bordeaux, Rhone Valley and South of France) on Tuesday 19th April. Tastings start at 7pm and run for approx 2 hours, finishing 9pm.




Please visit www.YorkshireWineSchool.com for full details and booking options



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