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Mongozo’s Fruit Beer

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Our most unorthodox resident beers are both, unsurprisingly, fruit beers. Fruit has been teamed with beer ever since the beginning of brewing. For example, Beligan beers boast many different flavours, such as Nikeberry, Mango, Mango, Cherry, Maracuja and Strawberry (find these flavours in store at £5.00 for a 330ml bottle). However, Mongozo takes it one step further by using slightly more exotic fruit, such as banana and coconut. Both beers include fairtrade ingredients to provide the refreshing and fruity taste that Mongozo are famous for. Inspired by the Masai people of Kenya and Tanzania, banana has always been a key ingredient of their traditional brew. Expect a clear and yellow pour with a creamy head, with a subtle banana aftertaste. Aromatic and slightly zesty, this sweet banana beer becomes a favourite of those that are brave enough to try it. The coconut beer is a little more intense in its fruity taste but goes well with exotic dishes, and it’s organic, too!

Why not take a bottle home and make a cocktail? Try Banana with gold tequila or Coconut with white rum.

Both Coconut and Banana 3.6%, £4.90 for 330ml bottle.


Key Lime Tau

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As this American Wild Ale was a collaboration between Hawkshead Brewery and Crooked Stave for the 2015 Trans-Atlantic Rainbow Project, there are two versions of this beer. This version is the Tau brewed at Hawkshead in Cumbria. Expect a golden/amber pour with a creamy head. The uniqueness of this beer isn’t the strong and citrusy taste of lime, but the taste of biscuit and meringue that truly echoes the sensation of eating a key lime pie. The ‘tau’, pronounced ‘two’, was placed in the name as not only was this a collaboration between two brewers over two continents, but tau (mathematically meaning 2 x pie) equals 6.28, which is also the percentage! Cool, eh?

Key Lime Tau is a 6.3% american ale, priced at £6.20 for a 330ml can.


Breakfast of Champignons

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The Wild Beer brewery did something a little special with this mushroom brew: they paired controllable yeast (cultivated yeast) with wild yest (Porcini mushrooms) to create and contain a truly wild beer in a single 330ml bottle. Porcini mushrooms are a food item that mankind is still unable to tame, and as consequence the ingredients were foraged from the brewery’s surrounding Somerset fields.

A sour with lots of earthy and oaked taste, this 4.1% ale is £6.70 for a 330ml bottle.


Mojito Sour

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This sour by Tiny Rebel is available on keg, cask, and in bottles. If you’re looking for something as light and refreshing as a mojito without the alcohol volume, this is the perfect beer for you. Tiny Rebel never cease to surprise us, and we were blown away by this subtle and well-balanced brew. The lime and the slight sour isn’t shy, but not too overpowering. The mint comes through at the very end of the aftertaste, creating a fresh and enjoyable drinking experience. Expect a pale yellow pour with opal and citrus aromas. This fun and tarty sour is perfect for sitting in the sun without the overbearing flavours of an actual cocktail.


Buy Tiny Rebel’s 3.5% Mojito Sour for £5.00, 330ml bottle.



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This tart and salty gose, brewed in collaboration with Holy Crab, contains langoustines and pineapple and is available on both keg and in a 330ml can. Pours a hazy yellow with a white, bubbly head, and gives aromas of fish – primarily crab -, seasalt, and citrus fruits. This not-overly carbonated beer is perfect for anyone looking to try something truly different. This crab based beer with its salty taste delivers for any seafood lovers with an active palate. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s an interesting beer with complex flavours.

This 5% brew by Marble is available as a 330ml can, £6.40.


Omnipollo and Buxton Brewerys’ Ice Cream Beers

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To finish, it’s only right that we update you on two of our newest sweet-treats that have found their way to our fridges. Stockholm’s Omnipollo Brewery create new and interesting tastes for any beer lover, packaged in beautiful and modern bottles. They teamed up with Buxton Brewery to create four individual ice-cream beers. We stock the Original Texas Pecan Ice Cream Imperial Porter at a whopping 10% ABV (maybe we won’t be drinking that too early in the day, then) and the Original Rocky Road Ice Cream Imperial Porter, also with an ABV at 10%. The former is brewed with pecan, caramel sauce, vanilla and lactose sugar, and the latter is a peanut oatmeal porter brewed with cocoa nibs, marshmellows, vanilla beans and lactose sugar. Yum.

Pick up both the Texas Pecan Ice Cream and Rocky Road Ice Cream porters both 10% for  £9.40 in 330ml bottles.


For more ‘weird beers’, make sure to regularly check our live bottle menus and live tap lists here. All of the beers listed above are available to buy and take home.

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