The Yorkshire Wine School

We have built quite the relationship with The Yorkshire Wine School and hold regular events throughout the year with them.

Check out their website for tickets and full details of what’s available at the minute.

Some examples of the kind if event you can expect are below.


The Ultimate Cheese and Wine Evening (Sheffield)

Cheese and Wine

In the last 18 months we have enjoyed some splendid Cheese and Wine pairing evenings; we have looked at white wines and red, Port, Sherry, and even Champagne. Now it is time to put together everything that we have learned and share with you, our ultimate cheese and wine combos here in Sheffield – this night is always popular so grab a place quick!


So if you missed any of our very popular cheese and wine evenings, this is your chance to pick up some of the highlights. As always we’ll be consulting with local, independent artisan cheese experts to ensure that the quality of the cheese matches the quality of the wine which means this evening is as much for the foodies out there as it is for the budding wine experts. Lots of wine schoolers comment on these evenings that it is amazing how much of a difference a carefully selected piece of cheese can make to a glass of wine, so which wines can you expect to enjoy on this evening?


We’ll be selecting the highlights of all our recent cheese and wine evenings, which means the line up might change as we try out different combos, but we could include:

  • Champagne (amazing with Langres cheese)
  • Sancerre (we loved this with goats cheese)
  • Port (a winner with Comte)
  • Sercial Madeira (incredible with Coolea)
  • Rioja Reserva (magnificent with Manchego)

Whatever we chose you can be sure that there will be a mix of different wine styles and colours, we’ll revisit classic pairings and show you some new ones too. We hope you can join us for an evening that is sure to be very popular with wine school regulars and newcomers alike!


Summer Solstice Special: English Wine Tasting (Sheffield)

The buzz around English wine at the moment is unmistakable; we are making more wine

Summer Solstice


 than we have done at any point since the middle ages and frankly the quality has never been higher. The wines made in England are light, bright, Summery and fresh- what better time of year to explore our own wines than the longest and brightest day of the year?

If you know anything about English wine, most likely you will have heard about the stunning sparkling wines which are produced on these shores. Our soil and climate are so similar to the Champagne region of Northern France that we really can compete with the best the French have to offer. We even have our own part to play in the history and development of Traditional Method fizz (which is produced by a second fermentation in the bottle): we aren’t gatecrashing the Champagne party, we virtually started it!!

Our special Midsummer YWS English Wine night won’t focus solely on fizz though, we always like to give our guests a heads up on what’s going to be the next big thing. So come and enjoy wine made from our highest quality grape variety, the delectably sunshine-filled (and aptly named) Bacchus. We’ll also delve into the locally produced vino: Yorkshire Wine? you tried it here first! Plus we’ll be looking at some rare and unusual Red and Rose- our climate is generally too cool for such styles, but we know some wineries who making delicious Pinot Noir which will delight any fan of Red Burgundy.

It promises to be a unique wine tasting experience- 6 English wines from some of this country’s top producers including

  • World-class quality fizz (to rival any Champange!)
  • White made from our finest grape, Bacchus 
  • Highly unuusal and delicious English Rose and Red
  • Plus a wine from a local Yorkshire Vineyard

As always at YWS events you can expect to be entertained and educated by our WSET-approved professional wine educators, we supply tasting glasses, tasting notes, a presentation with maps and images to bring the experience to life and some carefully selected nibbles which will teach you how to enhance English Wine should you choose to serve it at home.



8 wk Wonderful World of Wine Course (Sheffield)

Join us on a 2 month jaunt across the globe as we visit a variety of wine-making countries, tasting everything from Chianti Classico to Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc as we go. If you want an in-depth, yet broad-based, introduction to the Wonderful World of Wine then this is the course for you!

This course makes the ideal gift for the wine lover in your life- you can ask for it to be sent to you as a Gift Voucher by clicking on the ‘send me a voucher’ option in the confirmation email which will be sent to you once you have booked a place on the course.

Or, why not purchase an OPEN GIFT VOUCHER which allows the recipient to select their own venue and dates.

By the end of the 8 Evenings : 

  • You will have gained a good understanding of the world’s major grape varieties and the wine styles they produce.
  • You will have been taught to assess, & taste wine like a true professional, and be able to identify any faults found in wine (e.g. a corked wine).
  • During the 8 Evenings we will have tasted wines from most of the worlds major wine regions (Tasting approx 50 wines)
  • Food & wine matching will also have given you a lot of confidence to try new wine pairings with your favourite foods.
  • You will also have developed your sense of smell and wine vocabulary.

Professional ISO tasting glasses, comprehensive tasting notes and some nibbles to help compare food groups with wine are provided

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