The Season of Saison

As summer begins to close, we at The Sheffield Tap thought it was time to celebrate a beer that will help us cling to the last of the warm weather – that’s right, the Saison. Pale enough to remind us of the warmth, spiced enough to call towards the Michaelmas season, and a high enough abv % to distract us from the rainy weather, it’s our perfect solution to avoiding the late summer blues. Read below for a go-to guide of our best bottled Saisons. 


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Silly Saison  

Brasserie de Silly 

330ml Bottle £5.80 

5% ABV 

Brasserie de Silly’s Silly Saison has been brewed as a summer beer since the mid-1800s, and has been a cornerstone in the Brasserie’s brewing success. Refreshing and light, with subtle tones of sweets and fruit, this Saison was served to the seasonal harvest workers during the summer. The brewing process at Brasserie de Silly hasn’t changed too much since the 1850s, and, after tasting, it’s understandable why. Although dark in colour, the unique taste of this beer leads it to be very drinkable summer after summer.


01|13 Mosaic Saison 

Brew By Numbers 

330ml Bottle £5.30 

5.7% ABV  

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A modern interpretation of the traditional farmhouse Saison (see above), this Citra Saison brewed in Bermondsey has a very dynamic taste; the intensely fruity flavour, nodding at lemon and passionfruit, is followed by a dry finish. Light spices merge with its hoppy taste to lead to a complex and sophisticated drinking experience. Brewed with malted rye, this beer becomes better with time.


Amigos Británicos 

Siren Craft Brew 

330ml Bottle £6.90 

7.8% ABV 

Image by beerhawk.co.uk

 This farmhouse ale brewed with lime, chili, and honey boasts citric and musty smells. It’s a Saison more earthy than fruity, and looks a darkish, hazy yellow when poured. Not too carbonated, Siren’s Saison is a robust and higher percentage drink meant to be enjoyed over time. The classic farmhouse spices become a little drier as the chili kicks into the aftertaste. It’s a simple but powerful beer that doesn’t always do what it says on the tin.


Lupulin Fiasco 

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co 

330ml Bottle £5.60 

6.5% ABV  

Image from tinyrebel.co.uk

Released in February 2016, this modern South Pacific Saison is available in both keg and bottle form. It’s a hoppy Saison, and although it does include the traditional Belgian farmhouse notes, the tropical flavours are equally as hard to ignore. A hazy amber pour with an off-white head, this flagrant beer is a little more peppery and bitter than other Saisons. Tiny Rebel’s lexical choices on the label, ‘fiasco’, ‘defy’, ‘senses’ and ‘rebel’, are the correct key words to describe this beer. Not for the faint hearted.


Super Saison 

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co 

330ml Bottle £5.60 

7.4% ABV

Image from tiny rebel.co.uk

As if Tiny Rebel didn’t want to wow us enough with their Lupulin Fiasco Saison from last summer, they, evidently, decided to out-do themselves this year with their Super Saison. 0.9% stronger and 100% more citrusy, this Kaffir lime leaf and lemon verbena Saison is for the sour drinkers looking for something a little less tarty and a little more floral. It pours a slightly more off-pink than amber and is sure to be around a while after its success this summer.


Kwantum State 

Wild Weather Ales 

330ml Can £6.40 

7.7% ABV 

Image from eebria.com

A slightly hazy amber pour with a white head, Wild Weather Ale’s Kwantum State is a citrus and herby flavoured Saison with spiced notes. A little tart, the lime flavours really push through and are followed by the drying and light earthy botanicals. Quite carbonated, Wild Weather Ales have produced a beer perfect for a hot summer day at a decent percentage, lacking in no department. The spicy finish creates a beer built for purpose.


Hennepin Farmhouse Saison 

Brewery Ommegang 

355ml Bottle £6.90 

7.7% ABV 

Image from ommegang.com

For the beer drinkers after more of a safe-bet, Ommegang’s Hennepin Saison is the perfect mix of farmhouse spices with a hoppy body and has been brewed with every season in mind. Despite its 7.7% abv, this brew remains tasteful and refreshing without overpowering the drinker. Expect a well-carbonated and golden pour, with notes of ginger and orange with a dry and crisp finish.


Remember to keep an eye out for our rotating cask and kegs so you don’t miss the opportunity to try beers such as the Durham Brewery’s Belle Saison or Alpha State’s Lingonberry Tart Saison. All bottles are available to purchase to take-away, so drop in and have a browse. Alternatively, we have a live beer list here. 

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