Tap Exclusive beer from Sunny Republic

Another brew day for the guys at Pivovar this time they headed south to the sunnier climbs (judging by them shirts) of Dorset, to the newly opened Sunny Republic Brewing Co.


A new world style IPA was the plan for the day and Hop Dog is the result at 5.5%Abv with some serious hops involved (IBUs 65 ish).

Bravo, Cascade, Dana Super Stryrian and Kohatu NZ were all involved in the beer, giving a fantastic tropical taste with a marmalade smash at the end.

This beer has been exclusivly casked and kegged for the Pivovar group featuring in all our sister bars: York Tap, Pivni, Euston Tap and ourselves. It will be available on the bar over the month of October, come and enjoy I know I will.

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