New Brewery Hop Studio Launch

Once again we are lucky enough to launch a brand new brewery in not one but three of our bars.

Thursday 17th May will see ourselves and our sister bars  launch the Hop Studio Brewery, with all four of their new beers.


HOP STUDIO BLONDE 3.5% a remarkably  light, crisp and hoppy ale with a hint of sauvignon.

HOP  STUDIO PILSNER 4.0% their antidote to mass produced lager!

HOP STUDIO GOLD 4.5% a contemporary fine ale with a soft bitterness and tropical citrus flavours

HOP STUDIO XS 5.5% is an extremely special complex,  strong ale.


Option 1: For a chance to meet the brewers head upto The York Tap from 7pm and sample the full range.

Option 2: Or if in the London area head to Euston Tap to check out the range there.

Option 3: Or if your local or passing through come down and prop the bar up here and try their full range and a couple of other amazing beers from our fridges and pumps

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