Magic Rock & Kissmeyer “Salty Kiss” Launch & Tasting


Anders Kissmeyer of Kissmeyer Brewing who recently brewed in our own onsite brewery
The Tapped Brew Co, is popping back across from Denmark to launch “Salty Kiss”
a 4.1% Abv Gooseberry Gose which he brewed with the fantastic guys from Magic
Rock Brewing when he was last over only a month ago.

This is Magic Rocks third new beer of the year and continuing a theme from their Bavarian
Pils, ‘Dancing Bear’ they brewed another traditional German beer style, but one
which will be relatively unknown to many UK beer drinkers.

Gose is a top fermented beer style from the German city of Leipzig, which uses at least
50% wheat in the grist, they are by definition tart, herbal and refreshing but
what really characterises them is a defined saltiness which traditionally would
have come from the particular water in the area they were brewed.

We will be pairing the beer with a selection of canapés that compliment the style and flavor
of Salty Kiss.

Anders, Magic Rock and The Sheffield Tap team will be around to introduce the beer and answer

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