Experience ALL BEER @SheffieldTap

Experience ALL BEER at the Sheffield Tap                                                             

Join our 3rd tutored beer tasting at Sheffield Tap hosted by Master Brewer Alex Barlow, author of the award-winning ALL BEER GUIDE

Inlcudes a 90 minute tutored tasting of 6 Ale, Lager & Lambic beers using an ALL BEER Flavourmax™ glass, which is yours to take away.

Typically 3 draught and 3 packaged beers from Sheffield Tap’s extensive range; featuring 3 or 4 ales, 1 or 2 Lagers and Lambic beer across a wide range of styles.

Each beer serving is 200ml, poured into the specialist Flavourmax™ tasting glass.

Tickets cost £20 per person

Next session on: Wednesday 27th July, 7.30pm.

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