Everly Pregnant Brothers 19th July and BBQ 20th July

Its nearly that time of year again where the sun is shining (hopefully) and the music plays. To help celebrate this great Sheffield Festival The Sheffield Tap will be hosting Sheffield’s very own and much loved Ukulele cover band The Everly Pregnant Brothers, Live from 8:30pm Friday 19th July.  Hopefully the guys will be playing the set open air style in our beer garden, if not and the rains come tumbling down they’ll be setting up in a newly refurbished Brewery Room, to play along side the ornate tile work and polished brew kit.


Come hear all the classics:

“No Oven No Pie”                  “Rovvrum”

“Chip Pan”                                “Flymo”

“Giro”                                         “7 Pukka Pies”

“Hendos”                                  “Sheffield Calling”

“Hole in the Road”               “Chav World”

“Donnie Prison Blues”        “Arse in Motion”








Then if that wasn’t enough well be having a BBQ on Saturday 20th July starting from 1pm-6pm. S17 Cafe and Bistro will be providing an amazing selection of meat based wares (plus something for the veggies) all day.






Come down and join us for this fantastic weekend.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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