Bank Holiday Czech Takeover

This coming bank holiday sees our keg taps taken over by one of the most eminent countries in regard to beer: the Czech Republic. Despite the borders of the Czech lands going through much change throughout the centuries (historically it was Bohmeia, Czech Silasia and Moravia) the beer has, luckily, never suffered. Records of brewing in this region appear before the 6th Century, and the Břevnov Monastery have been brewing since 993AD. That’s a long time.

Read below for our directory on which breweries have made our taps, including Bernard (of course), Bad Flash, and Strahov.

Strahov IPA, 6.3%

The Strahov Monastic Brewery is a 17th Century brewery that was restored and reopened as a craft brewery in 2000. Their 6.3% IPA was inspired by the British IPA (obviously), but includes the American Cascade and Amarillo hops and is brewed with Czech ingredients. Expect a full-malt body with high-hop bitterness.

Strahov Weizen, 5.3%

A hefeweizen, which loosely translates to ‘an unfiltered wheat beer’, and more directly translates to ‘with yeast wheat’, replaces some of the malted barley with malted wheat. Hefeweizen is German in origin and the unique yeast used in this style of beer – torulaspora delbrueckii – gives subtle hints of cloves, nutmeg, rose-apple, and banana. Hefeweizens work so well on keg as the carbonation lifts these classic flavours for the drinker. Expect a pale golden colour and hazy pour.

Primator Weizenbier, 4.8%

This weizenbier by Primator is also a hefeweizen, but differs slightly as it is fermented more like an ale. Again, expect banana and clove flavourings and a hazy pour. Primator is one of our regular guest wheat beers as it’s so popular, so they’re obviously doing something right.

Bernard Light, 3.8%

Founded in 1597, this family brewery broke a record when they produced 231,600 hectolitres of beer in 2013. They know what they’re doing then, it seems, and they prove it with this light lager. If you’re familiar with our pub you are most probably aware that Bernard Light is a resident at the Tap, and that’s because when you’ve found a lager that’s light but retains its flavour and body, why would you let it go? Expect a clear and golden pour, followed by a satisfying and refreshing taste.

Bernard Unfiltered, 5%

This pale, unfiltered lager is hoppy and full of taste. A typical bohemian lager that isn’t over-carbonated, you should expect a thick, white head and a hazy pour. It’s won awards in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and Australia almost every year since 1996. In our opinion, that’s something to drink to.

Bernard Cerne, 5.1%

This dark lager by Bernard is brewed with four different types of malt. It’s pronounced ‘churney’, and if you’re a dark beer lover, or even a bitter lover, it’s a brew you should try. It’s flavour is unique with a full taste and fine bitterness.

Bernard IPA, 5.6%

This top-fermented IPA has smooth, fresh and fruity tones. It’s also the highest percentage Bernard product we’ll be selling throughout our Czech takeover, and if you’re familiar with Bernard Unfiltered and Bernard Light, this is the one for you to try this weekend.

Bad Flash Bikini IPA, 4.8%

This session IPA from Bad Flash pours hazy and golden. You’ll find subtle hints of citrus and orange, as well as grassy notes. Moderately hoppy and with a slick, smooth mouth-feel, this very drinkable ale is to be enjoyed all night long.

Bad Flash Double IPA, 7.6%

Don’t stop reading yet! Bad Flash prove they’re not one-dimensional with their Double IPA, completely differing from their Bikini IPA. An Imperial IPA, expect a clear amber pour with a small white head and aromatics of dates, caramel and light fruit. Not overly carbonated, this is a serious beer with slight bitterness.

Bad Flash Hop Wings, 5.2%

Needless to say, this American style Pale Ale has a balanced and citrusy hopped flavour. Slightly hazy with a medium carbonation, it also contains caramel and malty notes in its light and refreshing body and its long aftertaste.

Bad Flash Torpid Mind, 9.3%

This Imperial Stout is high in ABV, black in colour, and full bodied in taste. Flavours such as toffee, milk, dark caramel and toasted malts are surrounded by notes of cocoa nibs. Velvety mouth-feel is followed by a relatively dry and roasted finish.

Bad Flash White Beauty, 4.5%

This Witbier, historically a Belgian style, is a very pale and hazy wheat beer. Although Witbier, and wheat beer in general, was almost thrown out of favour by lager, it’s now experiencing a sort of renaissance. To qualify as a Witbier, atleast 50% of the brew is unmalted wheat (as opposed to the hefeweizen, which uses malted wheat). A slightly spiced and quite grainy brew, the body isn’t too hoppy. This floral and low ABV beer really is a white beauty.


Although this is our keg takeover, each beer in this directory (and any other you see in store, for that matter) is available to take-away in our two pint cartons. For more information on our beers, or to keep up to date with our live draught menu, click here. For other beer related news, click here.

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