Another Brewday this time Thornbridge

The Sheffield Tap was lucky enough to again have an exclusive brewday this time with Thornbridge and with a style they hadn’t ventured into before.

Rob Lovatt Production Director from Thornbridge has always had a passion for Weissbier and now that he’d settled into his role at Thornbridge he was keen to brew a beer style close to his heart. Our own Director Jamie Hawksworth was keen to get involved and invited Rob and Caolan (Thornbridge Production Manager) down for the evening to sample our range of Hefeweizens and decide on attributes they were looking for. After five or so litres of various wheat beers a burnt orange colour and an relativley low hopping rate of 15 EBUS, was decided on.

 Jamie also went up for the brewday (a long hard 12 hour day due to a difficult Lauter)


The grist was going to be 50% Wheat malt imported from Bamberger Mälzera Germany, Robs first choice after spending time with Braukon brewery engineers already, along with pale ale malt, Cara hell and pale crystal. For the style low bitterness from the hops was needed so Tettnanger was used , a fine noble hop with mild aroma.





 Rob sampling a small sample of Versa

(2 litres)



Versa will be launched here on Thursday 30th June from 7.30pm onwards. The Sheffield Tap team and the guys from Thornbridge will be down to sample a few, so come and join us for this exclusive launch .

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